September 20th, 2014 - Kendall Walks the Runway at the S/S 2015 Pucci Fashion Show in Milan

Natural hair styles


Just saw a Nicki post … Female artists putting on the costume of feminism and making it marketable making it trendy Lord knows people can’t comprehend any movement unless it’s trendy.

#backtohatingeveryone #likeineverleft #fucklabels

In her song talmbout fuck skinny bitches then saying idc what size you are as long as you’re independent . Guess what . Independence is wonderful a goal but women that aren’t independent deserve respect and have rights as well. (Thick fat and skinny) Yeahh Nicki good job! (Narf)

The point is to not down one another. Don’t say fuck skinny bitches then big them up. Was you not dieting doing donuts in the 6 speed? We should be uplifting one another. Mo’nique already said this and y’all both got fit.

This country was built with all types of women . You can be independent and have a fucked up mentality. You can be a housewife and hold it down. Quiet or loud confidence . You can do both or You can do neither.

As a “lover of women” we protect what we love. Exploitation is wrong regardless of who’s doing it . Yeah maybe you had an “artistic vision” but I can guarantee men were apart of the production . So don’t sit here and feed me this bullshit.

::uses wind movements from all the ass clapping in her video to cool off my tea::

In love